Event Trends and Solutions in a COVID-19 World

The event industry has faced some major challenges in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Private and corporate event planners have been forced to find creative solutions to safely adapt

Social Distancing Marketing Tools

Social Distancing Marketing Tools At this time we are doing everything we can to keep our team, our friends, and our community safe. While we are all working from home,

Photo Booth Data Management

A Guide To Back-Ups and Security Protecting your business data and that of your clients is a critical but often forgotten aspect of running a photo booth rental business. It

Ultimate Photo Booth Event Checklist

An LAPP Pro Guide To Help Photo Booth Operators It’s happened to every boother at some point in their photo booth journey. You or your staff are at an event

Top Google Ads Tips for Photo Booth Owners

Paid advertising for photo booth operators can be tricky. After all, with so much competition, every potential lead counts. Google Ads is an excellent way for photo booth owners to

how to print your own media pass

How to Print Your Own Media Pass

Owning and operating your own photo booth is a great gig. At its best, being a traveling photographer, or photo booth operator, allows you to capture moments of joy and


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