how marketers can use photography to sell experiences

How Marketers Can Use Photography to Sell Experiences

Do you want to know the secret to successful marketing? We’re talking about marketing that makes people wait in lines for hours to buy your product or try your service. We’re talking about Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola level marketing. We’re talking about the insider secrets that high-profile brands have used for decades to achieve unheard […]

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Dallas Expansion GIF

LA Photo Party Comes to Dallas!

What do you get when you combine one of the most agile and innovative photo booth and event marketing brands in the world with the Dallas metropolitan area? Simple: you get the next phase of LA Photo Party’s growth. You get access to the world-class services and software you’ve come to know and love in […]

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The Four Best Cities in America for Events

Let’s start with a disclaimer: this list was hard. There are so many cities that cater to so many different types of events that saying, “These are the best cities in America for events,” is close to impossible. Thankfully, we like flirting with the impossible here at LA Photo Party. We worked hard to put […]

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3 Reasons to Add a Photo Booth Service to Your Photography Business

Photography is a great, creative business venture. It’s a way to be your own boss and set your own rules. It also comes with its fair share of frustrations, like the inevitable slow season wedding photographers dread. Thankfully, there’s a solution: adding photo booth services to your photography business. This sounds daunting, we know, but […]

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How to Start a Photo Booth Business

How to Start a Photo Booth Business

You’re a creative. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re not satisfied with the status quo. You like to push boundaries and redefine what success looks like. Congratulations, you’re our kind of person. Now it’s time to take your career to new levels. It’s time to branch out on your own and start a photo booth business! It’s […]

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LA photo party photobomb

Instagram’s Best Celebrity Photobombs

What’s life without a good photobomb now and again? The sometimes-frustrating and always hilarious moments captured forever on our timelines and profiles have become a part 2018’s everyday life. While photobombs can make any event planner’s job a bit more difficult (or lead to comic gold and unexpectedly interesting moments), they’re not going anywhere. Celebrity […]

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green screen step and repeats

How Remodista Used Green Screens to Shine a Spotlight on Women

We’ve all been there: you’ve checked off all the boxes on your end for a great event, are confident that everything will go off without a hitch, and realize at the last minute a crucial detail was somehow left off your planning list! This is exactly what happened at this year’s Women2Watch dinner, but with […]

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VR Brush in Action

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Photo Booth Game

It’s 2018 and the future is here. It isn’t a Terminator-fueled, Skynet apocalypse. It isn’t a Matrix-based, humans-are-batteries nightmare. It isn’t even some sort of fidget spinner/hoverboard combination (yes, they do exist and yes, they’re not the most intellectually stimulating). The future is here and it’s virtual reality. Expected to be worth upwards of $15 […]

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10 Secrets to 10 Years of Success

LA Photo Party just passed our ten year anniversary 😱 and I’m astounded to look back and see all the progress we’ve made. We’ve come a loooong way and it’s high-time we took a look at how in the hell we did it. So to honor ten years of success, I wanted to share ten […]

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LAPP’s 10th Anniversary Party

Holy Sushi we had so much fun on Sunday…. LA Photo Party turned 10 last month and we decided to throw ourselves a little party! Suffice it to say it was probably the only 10th birthday party complete with sushi, doughnuts, wine, tequila, a DJ, professional lighting, giant games, coffee and tea drops, all in […]

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