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PHOTO BOOTH UPLOAD is the industry’s leading photo booth software developed with over a decade of experience in the event industry, delivering engaging entertainment for the biggest brands and event planners across the world. PBU is the perfect blend of the standard booth technology with the latest innovations in experiential entertainment.



Photo Booth Upload now offers the latest in Generative AI and A.I. Face Swap. Create AI prompts that automatically give your photos a unique and dynamic makeover instantly at your event.

Offer a single option or allow guests to choose from a menu of AI designs. Plus, PBU is the only software that lets you create your own custom AI filter.


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Generative AI

Generative AI allows you transform an entire image, including the background, clothes, facial features, and more. Maintain accuracy by giving guests the ability to choose identifying qualities.

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Face Swap

Face Swap inserts one or more faces in to designated areas of a photo. Our AI will perfectly position their head at the right angle and apply the exact lighting to match the artwork!

Create Ai Prompts

Design your own AI ideas for your events with our customizable AI backend. PBU is the only solution that allows you to make something entirely unique.

Pre-Loaded Filters

Start instantly with our nine AI filters. Choose from steampunk, oil painting, younger, older, punk-rock, and more!


We prioritize your right to privacy, so our AI integration protects your guests.

Guest images are not used for training data in our AI models 

Guest images are not shared with any AI models


Photo Booth Upload + AI Upgrade
Persistent Internet Connection
Windows PC
Intel i5 processor or better


Photo Booth Upload’s A.I. is available now. Get PBU with A.I. and transform your guests in limitless ways.


Choose from a wide range of cutting edge of features to design your event experience.


Choose from a wide reange of cutting edge features.

special sauce

The devil is in the details. That’s why we’ve included a wide menu of intergrated products and filters that work with our features. Everything from adjustable glitch filters, dub-smash karaoke, and augmented reality! Everything to take your photo booth experience to the next level.

SHARING + analytics

Share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, text, and print. Track engagements and impressions at your event. Or integrate surveys, disclaimers, age gates, opt-in options, GDPR protections, and even hashtag printing.


Our software design can be tailored for any event. Add custom designed buttons and softwares backgrounds, splash screens, slideshows, instructions, advertisments, and more.

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Using Photo Party Upload

Photo Booth Upload uses our sharing software, Photo Party Upload, to send your photos to email, text, social media, or a printer. 

There are three parts to Photo Party Upload.


The Event Manager website helps you configure your event settings and options for your upcoming event.

Photo Party Upload Event Manager

2. The Helper App

The Helper App lives on your photo booth and syncs with the Event Manager settings you have created. Then it monitors the photo booth output folder and allows your images to be shared on a nearby tablet.

3. The kiosk App

The Kiosk App lives on your Windows or Apple Tablet and receives the images from the Helper App on your photo booth and builds an interactive gallery. This gallery allows you to print or share to email, text, or social media.

Photo Party upload and Photo booth Upload

The diagram below illustrates how Photo Party Upload works with Photo Booth Upload.

Frequently asked questions

  • For PBU, you need a camera and a computer.
    Camera Specs:
    Any Canon DSLR and/or Windows compatible webcam will do. Please remember that the quality of the camera will, of course, play a vital role in the quality of the final product.
    Computer Specs:
    The minimum required specs for PBU are an Intel Pentium G860 @ 3GHZ with 4 GB of RAM and Windows 7 x32.
    The recommended specs for Green Screen Video are an Intel Core i7 @ 3GHZ with 8 GB of RAM and Windows 10 x64.
    Our software is not compatible with Windows RT.

For VR 360 photos you need a Canon DSLR, a 3D lens splitter, PBU and the Virtual Reality add on. For 2D 360 photos you do not need the 3D lens splitter. You can upgrade your PBU license from Event Manager.

PBU is Windows only at this time. iPad sharing is supported using Photo Party Upload Kiosk.

Updates are free for the duration of the license purchased… That means free updates for life if you purchase the lifetime license.


Your license duration depends on the length purchased. Flexible options vary from weekly, to annual, and lifetime.


Free tech support is available 7 days a week via phone and email. Tutorials are available on Support.laphotoparty.com


Photo Party Upload (PPU) is a powerful tool that lets your guests post their photos, GIFs, and videos to email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Instagram directly from your photo booth or from a nearby tablet. Photo Party Upload (PPU) can also collect valuable user data and statistics that you can access in real time from any computer. Click here to learn more about Photo Party Upload (PPU) and the associated costs.


Photo Party Upload (PPU) integrates seamlessly with Photo Booth Upload (PBU) to handle all of the social media sharing at events. Photo Booth Upload (PBU) is the software that allows your booth to take the coolest photos (Green Screen, Morph, Gif, and more). Photo Party Upload (PPU) allows the guest to take those images and share them on social media from your booth or wirelessly from iPads and tablets.

We have multiple plans to suit your business.

Basic- $0.10 Per Upload
Pro -$30 Per Event
Advanced – $300 per Month
Business- $2500 Per Year

Yes, we can deactivate the license on your old photo booth computer and activate the license on another booth.


Yes, PPU watches a user-defined set of folders for photos on the Windows system running the PC helper application.

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