A.I. Photo Booth

Custom Artificial Intelligence powered image creation

Unlimited Imagination

With the new A. I. Photo Booth, you can choose from an infinite combination of effects and styles to match your event’s theme, including retro, vintage, comic book, oil painting, watercolor, and many more. The results are immediately visible on an optional HD display.

How it Works

Capture Photo

Use a photo booth or photographer.

A.I. Design

Our A.I. Prompt Engineers design your image.


Instantly upload your image to social.

Designed for you

A leading innovation in generative photographic experiences, powered by the latest cutting-edge deep learning models, is coming to your event, capturing, and rendering your guests in any style imaginable.


Drag the slider to see before and after.


Find the perfect expression of your vision. Our A.I. Prompt Engineers curate every A.I. Photo Booth activation to ensure all your guests love their renderings.


Check out some of our A.I. transformations.


The AI Photo Booth experience requires a minimum of 10 x 16 feet to accommodate guests, photo booth equipment, attendants, and A.I. Prompt Engineers.

Get a Free Mock Up

Have an idea for an upcoming party? Get a free-mock up of THE AI PHOTO BOOTH for your event.

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