Ultimate Photo Booth Event Checklist

An LAPP Pro Guide To Help Photo Booth Operators

It’s happened to every boother at some point in their photo booth journey. You or your staff are at an event setting up and that sinking feeling sets in as something goes wrong. Maybe it’s a software error message, a piece of hardware fails or perhaps you simply have forgotten something…Aaargh!

At this point, you either go into a mad panic and scramble to resolve the issue or it’s too late to fix so you determine what, if any, compensation or substitutions to offer. You then put your proverbial tail between your legs and gently break the news to your client. Hopefully, the oversight doesn’t put too big a dent into your profit, or worse, your reputation.

If only you’d had a thorough checklist and procedures in place to ensure you and your staff were always prepared so that this sticky situation could have been avoided!

Never fear, LAPP have got you covered with our Ultimate Photo Booth Event Checklist.

Why a Checklist?

Checklists are an easy to use tool to reduce oversights. They do this by compensating for the limitation of human memory or breakdowns in communication. Be it internally: staff to staff or externally: client to staff, a checklist will ensure that your company’s photo booth events are executed professionally and successfully every time. To learn more about the power of checklists, check out the book – The Checklist Manifestoby Atul Gawande.

The Ultimate Photo Booth Event Checklist

Here at LAPP we have successfully executed countless photo booth events. However, because we’re all human, from time to time we missed something or could have done something better and have learned a lot along the way. In putting together this Ultimate Photo Booth Event Checklist we have tapped into this knowledge and come up with the following to help you get started in making your own.

General Photo Booth Rental Checklist

  • Client Check-in Run Times – Confirm event hours, set up, dress code, event order details
  • Photo Booth – Is it the right booth the client ordered? Has it been tested and cleaned?
  • Sharing Devices (e.g Ipads, Tablets) – Tested, fully charged? charging cables included?
  • Software Settings – Are they set and tested? Load settings and sharing PPUE on flash drive as backup.
  • Camera – Has the camera been configured, tested and cleaned?
  • Print Media – Enough to cover the maximum number of shots for the events durations plus a buffer
  • Digital Storage Devices (e.g USB Flashdrives) – formatted and tested?
  • Back-Up Power Packs/Batteries – Tested and fully charged?
  • Props – Have they been cleaned, and broken items removed/replaced?
  • Set Up / Pack down – times and location been reconfirmed with the client and/or the venue?
  • Venue Access and Parking – has this been confirmed and are there any restrictions?
  • Graphics / Logo / Themes – Have they been received from the client, loaded and tested?
  • Backdrop – Client confirmed their choice? Is it clean and packed?
  • Backdrop stand – has it been checked for damage?
  • Emergency Contacts – Received from client? Added to the run sheet?
  • Gaffer Tape – Enough?
  • Electrical Cords – Checked for damage, enough length?
  • Surge Protector – Checked for damage?
  • Scrap Book, Pens and Adhesive – Enough?
  • Additional ordered items – e.g. photo frames, magnets
  • Set Up Kit/Tool Bag – Has it been checked and is it fully stocked? eg cleaning products and tools for running repairs and servicing
  • Emergency Backups – Have you packed spare cables, tablets, printer, printer rollers, camera, print media, pens, glue, scrapbook and backdrop stand?
  • Staffing – reconfirm event and/or delivery staff, do you have an emergency back up?
  • Staff Meals – have these been reconfirmed if provided or staff advised of alternate details?
  • Driving directions and estimated travel time

Corporate Photo Booth Activation Additional Checklist

  • Booth Wrap – has the booth wrap been received and applied or ready for applying on site?
  • Custom orders – custom backdrops, custom tablet stands, etc. External Monitors – configure and tested?
  • Peripheral Items – have any peripheral items for which you are required to set up been received from the client ready for set up?
  • Social Sharing – ensure set up correctly and tested

Post Photo Booth Event Checklist

  • Check the client digital copies saved correctly
  • Provide digital copies to the client (e.g upload to gallery, send USB)
  • Provide social sharing statistics to the client
  • Contact client for feedback
  • Ask for client testimonial

Procedures and Checklists Go Hand in Hand

Checklists are just one part of the equation. You also need to have procedures in place to ensure that the items on the checklist get checked and actioned.

Depending on how your photo booth business is run, be it a solo operation or a staff of 10 you’re going to want to put in workable procedures to ensure nothing is missed. As a basic rule the more people involved in an event the more likely that something is overlooked.

Here are some simple ideas to help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks:

Set Reminders – Setting reminders as part of your workflow ensure things are remembered when they’re supposed to be remembered. This will avoid stressful last-minute issues. There are lots of great apps to manage reminders and checklists. Here at LAPP we use Wunderlist.
Follow Ups – If you’re relying on another party to provide you with missing information, it’s important to follow up. E.g. if you’ve contacted your client to confirm the start time and they tell you a likely time but want to confirm later make sure you set a reminder to check that they did that. If not, follow up until you get a definite answer.
Double and Triple Check – Don’t just go through your list once. Have a procedure for it to be checked multiple times and, if possible, by multiple people. The more times it’s checked and the more eyes on it the greater the chance that anything missed will be picked up before it becomes an issue.
Sign Off – By making sure staff sign off on checklists you increase the likelihood that they will do a thorough job.
Customize – Not all photo booth activations are the same. Some custom jobs like corporate activations may require distinct hardware and supplies outside the normal scope. In those cases you may need to customize the checklists and procedures to suit.

Check Yourself for Success

At the end of the day the buck stops with the manager of the photo booth rental business. It’s up to you to oversee and implement well thought out procedures and checklists if you want to ensure you’re providing the best possible service for your clients. Given the changing nature of the photo booth business we recommend reviewing these periodically to ensure they continue to be the best safety net to your success.

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