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Muse Mosaic 2.0

live photo mosaic software.

Now with 2.0x the power

Muse Mosaic

Muse Mosaic builds a mosaic live at your event from photos captured at your event. Sync photos through your photo booth, social media hashtags, and roaming photographers to create a masterpiece one frame at a time. Share your Mosaic live online for everyone to see and join in on the fun.

Getting started with mosaic

Learn how you can profit from Muse Mosaic at live and virtual events from one of our loyal owners.

see mosaics in Action

Corporate events 

Watch Muse Mosaic at a multi-day live activation for a convention.

Private Social parties

Add Muse Mosaic to your next wedding photo booth to create a keepsake for the bride and groom.


New in Muse Mosaic 2.0.

Online Mosaic

64-Bit architecture

Graphics Accelerated Rendering

Screen Saver and Screen Recorder in Live View

Additional Animation features in Mosaic Final Video

Tile Refreshing

Rich Density Map Upgrade

Mosaic Calculator

High-Quality Image Scaling

User Experience Improvements

In addition to powerful classic Muse Mosaic Features and improvements:

Turnkey Hardware

We offer turnkey setup for events, including a magnetic mounting system, brandable monitor stands, Mosaic Printer, and much more. 

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