LA photo party photobomb

Instagram’s Best Celebrity Photobombs

What’s life without a good photobomb now and again? The sometimes-frustrating and always hilarious moments captured forever on our timelines and profiles have become a part 2018’s everyday life. While photobombs can make any event planner’s job a bit more difficult (or lead to comic gold and unexpectedly interesting moments), they’re not going anywhere. Celebrity […]

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green screen step and repeats

How Remodista Used Green Screens to Shine a Spotlight on Women

We’ve all been there: you’ve checked off all the boxes on your end for a great event, are confident that everything will go off without a hitch, and realize at the last minute a crucial detail was somehow left off your planning list! This is exactly what happened at this year’s Women2Watch dinner, but with […]

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VR Brush in Action

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Photo Booth Game

It’s 2018 and the future is here. It isn’t a Terminator-fueled, Skynet apocalypse. It isn’t a Matrix-based, humans-are-batteries nightmare. It isn’t even some sort of fidget spinner/hoverboard combination (yes, they do exist and yes, they’re not the most intellectually stimulating). The future is here and it’s virtual reality. Expected to be worth upwards of $15 […]

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10 Secrets to 10 Years of Success

LA Photo Party just passed our ten year anniversary 😱 and I’m astounded to look back and see all the progress we’ve made. We’ve come a loooong way and it’s high-time we took a look at how in the hell we did it. So to honor ten years of success, I wanted to share ten […]

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LAPP’s 10th Anniversary Party

Holy Sushi we had so much fun on Sunday…. LA Photo Party turned 10 last month and we decided to throw ourselves a little party! Suffice it to say it was probably the only 10th birthday party complete with sushi, doughnuts, wine, tequila, a DJ, professional lighting, giant games, coffee and tea drops, all in […]

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Light Painting without A TENT!

Light Painting is a great service to offer for your photo booth business but it can often be a challenge for clients who don’t want to accommodate a large 10×10 black vinyl tent in the middle of their venue. Totally understandable! On top of that, those enclosures often turn into sweat lodges without any air […]

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