Social Distancing Marketing Tools

Social Distancing Marketing Tools

At this time we are doing everything we can to keep our team, our friends, and our community safe. While we are all working from home, we have been working on options that our clients can take advantage of while supporting the community and practicing social distancing.

If you have ideas you want developed, contact us and we’ll give you a free mock-up!

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Snapchat Lenses

Create a custom lens using face-recognition technology, or create an activation that places a 3D virtual object into your environment. Your customers can download and use the Snap Lens at home, directly from their individual phones.

Digital Mosaic

Create a work of art one frame at a time with our digital mosaic. Collect images using hashtags that build a digital mosaic hosted online for the world to see! This is a great way for your customers to be engaged socially while still being physically distant.

Custom Dev Studio

We pride ourselves on innovation.

We provide our clients with custom-developed photo galleries, mobile apps, background removal programs, and other experiential marketing tools to meet your social distancing marketing~ needs.

Have ideas or need solutions for your clients? Let us help! Our designers can create a free mockup tailored just for you!


Go Shawty, It’s your Birthday

You will need a free Photo Party Upload account to access Virtual Booth. Once you’ve created your account, return to this page to complete the sign up process.

Already set up on Photo Party Upload? Watch this short video on how to get started.

Play Video

The Virtual Booth GIF and Photo graphics are Now loaded into OUR Virtual Booth PAGE under “Halloween-2020-GIF” and “Halloween-2020-Photo”

All you need to do get started is build your Virtual Booth site.

Download the site assets below and click here to watch a setup tutorial.

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To purchase VR-Brush, contact Vivi at
323.473.4897 or [email protected]


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