Salesforce Partners with LA Photo Party to Redefine AI Experience at Dreamforce

We’ve been working with Saleseforce for years. The stage was set at this year’s DreamForce Conference to showcase the latest and greatest in technology with a heavy focus on AI. Naturally, LA Photo Party met the moment with a crafted A.I. experience, transforming guests into Salesforce’s iconic illustrated style.


The crux of this innovative experience was a streamlined three-step workflow, redefining the conventional photo booth process into a magical journey.

Step 1: Capturing the Essence

At the heart of this journey was the guest’s moment in the spotlight. Positioned in front of a client-provided set, our INFINITE photo booth captured their poses and individual personalities using the best equipment and the leading photo booth software, Photo Booth Upload. 

Step 2: AI Magic Unleashed

Harnessing the power of AI technology, our pre-programmed design prompt was seamlessly applied to the captured photo, transcending it into the realm of illustrated wonder. This transformation took only moments to accomplish, ensuring an enchanting experience for every guest.

Step 3: Instant Sharing and Revelry

The finished image was instantly available at our on-site kiosk, where guests could share these captivating moments via email or SMS, and upload them to social media.

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Ensuring the Highest Quality

Each image went through meticulous review by our adept prompt engineers, checking for quality, any potential AI-bias, and correcting inaccuracies.. This scrutiny ensured that each guest received a high-quality and beautiful output consistent with Salesforce’s attention to excellence. 

Respecting Privacy

Respecting the sanctity of user privacy and confidence remains integral to DreamForce, a conference attended by thousands throughout the week. At LA Photo Party, we hold a fundamental principle—never using guest images to train our AI models, ensuring a trustworthy and secure experience for all attendees.


The Future of Unforgettable Photo Experiences

If you’re seeking to bring cutting-edge, unforgettable photo experiences to your events, look no further. LA Photo Party stands ready to weave magic into your gatherings. Begin your journey by exploring the realm of possibilities on our events services page.

WANT AI At your next event?

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