Think Flipbooks are Out? Think Again

There is still room for physical products in this digital world of ours. In fact, many are more popular than ever. Take flipbooks for example – people love them. As an event planner, you probably already know about the benefits of having a photo booth at your party. But what’s missing from many modern photo booths are physical takeaways.

Some photo booths today don’t physically print anything out for guests to hold on to, which is a missed marketing opportunity. Physical takeaways, such as flipbooks, give people something to remember long after they’ve left. An important lesson that we can all stand to learn from the marketing days of old is that people like things that they can feel and touch. They always have, and they always will.

Photo Booth Upload

Photo Booth Upload is the first system ever on the market for turning any GIF or video into a flipbook. This includes slow-mo video, green screen video, morphs, or any other media you want to turn into a physical flipbook for guests at your next party or event. You can print flipbooks on 4×6 or 8.5×11 paper. Each flipbook can feature a branded front and back cover page, as well as a branded page on the inside. You can also give guests a branded video they can upload to social media which has a flipbook-like feel.

Flipbooks are a great upsell for photo booth owners and event planners alike. If you have a client interested in adding a photo booth to their next party, you should talk to them about the marketing opportunity that comes along with giving guests a branded physical takeaway like a flipbook.

Print Is Not Dead

If you ask an inbound-only marketer about print collateral, odds are he will say things like “antiquated,” “outdated” and “unnecessary.” Meanwhile, marketers around the world who see the big picture are using creative, conceptual leave-behinds – like flipbooks – to put a bow on their brand experience and make a tangible impression.

One of the main concerns some marketers have with physical collateral is that digital marketing offers a level of personalization that print can’t. They believe this personalization allows you to customize your digital collateral with your client’s name or other details, which in turn creates that special connection with them. In some cases, this is true. However, with Photo Booth Upload, it’s actually very easy to customize your printed material as well. Just think of how much more of an impact your client’s marketing messages will have if they were to send customized, printed flipbooks, as opposed to cookie-cutter pieces of digital marketing.

As an event planner, when trying to upsell flipbooks, you should stress to your clients that one of the longest-standing benefits of physical marketing is the direct visual impact it has. The immediacy of physical marketing products means you can easily provide an instant visual impact for your product or business, and immediately begin to build a brand image.

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