Virtual Booth

Our online photo booth for events, conferences, happy hours and more. Upload photos/selfies from a mobile device to your virtual branded greenscreen backgrounds and create unique photos and GIFs which can be downloaded and shared instantly.

How it works

step 1

Users visit your custom URL and upload or take a photo with their mobile device.

step 2

Remove the background by drawing Blue Lines on the guest and Red Lines on the background.

step 3

Place your image in the photo or GIF design, then share to social media, text, or email.

Track social shares and impressions.

Create dynamic photos and GIFs.

Customize your virtual site.

Get virtual booth.

Digital Mosaic

Digital Mosaic collects images all over the world using specific hashtags to build a larger masterpiece. This mosaic is built in real time and can stream live to social media.

How it works

Step 1

Choose an image for your mosaic to form.

Step 2

Select a hashtag to use on social media for collecting images. Or text an image into the mosaic with a custom phone number.

Step 3

Place your image in the photo or GIF design, then share to social media, text, or email.

Mosaic Advertisments and Animations

Add custom video or photo advertisments interspersed into your mosaic. Create custom motion animations during your mosaic.

Get digital mosaic.


Thank you for your purchase

Access your download either by the checking email you used during checkout or by accessing the Downloads section of the “My Account” page.

The Virtual Booth GIF and Photo graphics are Now loaded into OUR Virtual Booth PAGE under “Halloween-2020-GIF” and “Halloween-2020-Photo”

All you need to do get started is build your Virtual Booth site.

Download the site assets below and click here to watch a setup tutorial.

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