How Remodista Used Green Screens to Shine a Spotlight on Women

We’ve all been there: you’ve checked off all the boxes on your end for a great event, are confident that everything will go off without a hitch, and realize at the last minute a crucial detail was somehow left off your planning list!

This is exactly what happened at this year’s Women2Watch dinner, but with some quick thinking and creative use of a green screen, Remodista’s event went off without a hitch.

Remodista & Women2Watch

green screen step and repeats

Remodista is a social think tank examining disruption in global retail. Founded by Kelly Stickel in 2010 to help retailers thrive in a hyper-competitive and increasingly quick global market, they work with brands all over the world to provide insight, education, and innovation on the latest changes in the industry.

Once a year, Remodista hosts the Women2Watch Awards, where they honor female disruptors in the retail space. The ceremony, now in its second year, started with Stickel compiling a list of women who merited special recognition for their outstanding work in the retail industry.

“Women don’t often take credit for their accomplishments,” said Maureen Jann, an organizer for the event, “they typically downplay it because they don’t want to outshine people. This is that moment that they get to shine and everybody’s there to celebrate and acknowledge them.”

Women2Watch nominees get featured regularly on Remodista’s site, and are highlighted not only for overcoming challenges in the industry, but for empowering other women as well.

This year, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital presented an award to Veronica Katz, the GM of PayPal’s Large Enterprise Group. Last year’s recipients included Anu Penmetcha of HBC Digital, Chau Banks of NY&CO, Emily Culp of Keds, Nizzi Renaud of Zazzle, Shawna Hausman of Mission, and Tapasya Bali of Yogasmoga.

Missing One Step & Repeat

When Jann and Stickel arrived at the event, they realized they’d forgotten to arrange for a step and repeat (the backdrop for red carpet photo oops). Step and repeats are a great way to highlight event sponsors and create branded social content.

So, Remodista was up a metaphorical creek. Luckily, LA Photo Party packed a green screen for the event. We used this to instantly create the backdrop for the event’s red carpet moments.

With green screen backdrops, you can dynamically change the logos and images behind your guests, save serious money on printing, and help out the environment.  

“It ended up being one of the highlights of the event, and really featured Ignition One, who sponsored the booth,” said Jann. “There was so much love going around, it was just a giant celebration of women.”

The Future of Event Planning

We like to think of this convenience, this safety net from mistakes, as the future of event planning. In this particular situation we’re talking about green screens and red carpets (sounds like Christmas, right?), but the specifics aren’t all that important.

What is important is the promise of event planning party services that have you covered no matter the situation.

Need a last minute step and repeat? Here comes our green screen to the rescue. Need something unique for a pool party? Try out our underwater photo booths. Looking for a mobile photo booth you can take around your event for instant snapshots? The Nomad is here for just that.

the future of event planning and green screens

The future of event planning. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Welcome to a world free of headaches, mistakes, and last minute freak outs. Give Michael a call today to take your event planning to new heights of tech, branding, and more.



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