6 Reasons You’re Going to Want to Buy a Photo Booth

The Top Five Reasons Your Party Needs a Photo Booth Title Image

Photo booths are becoming more and more popular at parties, weddings, proms, and other events. Why? Because photo booths are a fun and affordable way to improve an event or party by both encouraging better interactions among guests and by giving people something to do during and remember afterward. Here are the top five reasons your party needs a photo booth.

Photo Booths Offer Family-Friendly Fun

Photo booths are fun for all ages. All of the old-timers at your party will love reminiscing about the feel of vintage photo sessions from their childhoods. And all of the young people will enjoy interacting with each other and snapping fun photos of themselves.

And They Aren’t As Expensive as You Might Think

Formerly the domain of the rich and famous—photo booths have quickly become accessible to the masses for any special occasion, on nearly any budget. At LA Photo Party, for example, you can purchase your own photo booth for less than you probably would have thought. Photo booths are also a great way for party/event planners to increase their revenues. For them, it’s a win-win, they can provide their clients with something great (i.e. a photo booth) while at the same time making money. Although buying your own photo booth requires some capital upfront, it pays dividends, and most party/event planners are able to recoup their investment in as few as 7 to 10 parties/events!

If You Build it They Will Come

Your guests will love it. Plain and simple. At first, photo booths tend to take people pleasantly by surprise. You’ll hear a lot of “oh what’s this?” And then, as your party progresses you’ll notice it becoming one of the event’s focal points. If you want to give people somewhere to hang out at your party (somewhere that isn’t the bar) try setting up your photo booth in a different, more scenic location. It will help you spread things out organically and encourage your guests to explore the space.

Photo Booths Are Great For Any Occasion

Weddings, corporate events, sweet sixteens, mitzvahs. Basically any time you gather a group of people together, you have a good reason for a photo booth.

High-quality photo booths like the Venture are particularly great for corporate events. They can bring business professionals together in a casual way that’s sure to stimulate meaningful interactions. It’s also a great way to encourage people to relax and be comfortable at large conferences and business expos.

Photo Booth Accessories Can Add A Unique Touch To Your Event

Photo booths are rapidly gaining in popularity. But what’s new is high-tech photo booth add-ons like virtual reality features that are offered by some photo booth companies. With LA Photo Party’s VR you can immerse your guests in virtual reality using their green screen technology, you can insert a guest into an environment that is both 3d and 360 degrees. The final product can be viewed immediately in virtual reality goggles in 3d and uploaded as an interactive 360 environment to a branded microsite or on a facebook timeline. It’s a fun and exciting shared experience your guests are sure to never forget. You can easily upload photos from your party online so as to share and make them easily accessible to your guests. Younger guests will definitely enjoy being able to have their photo taken underwater.

photo booth accessories

Virtual reality is another, especially exciting, technology that has only just recently came to the world of photo booths. With a virtual reality booth combined with a 3d camera and green screen, you can instantly insert yourself into a VR environment that is both 3d and 360 degrees and then instantly share your experience natively on your facebook timeline.

Photo Booths Help You Share Your Photos On Social Media

Photo booths today are packed with the latest professional studio equipment. You no longer need to be a professional photographer to take great, high-quality photos at your next event. You just have fun and let us worry about the pictures! We were the first photo booth company in the world to offer wireless, social sharing. You can quickly and conveniently transfer any photo from a photo booth to your Bluetooth enabled device (like a tablet or smartphone). So, LA Photo Party guests can easily upload their photos to all their favorite social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Instagram.



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