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Have an offer to host a big event out of town, but don’t think you can afford the costs to bring you and your photo booth all that distance? You may think you need a knight in white armor, but what you really need is a knight with a white label. Confused? Here’s L.A. Photo Party’s Pro Tips guide to “white labeling.”

What is “White Labeling?”white label

In business, as in life, many people will tell you it’s pretty much impossible to be in two places at once. These people, however, have probably never heard of “white labeling.,” which is an easy – and effective – way to grow your photo booth business without worrying about hiring new staff or traveling huge distances and incurring big costs.

So, what exactly is white labeling? Put simply, white labeling is the concept of hiring a subcontractor to work your events on your behalf and under your brand’s name. Say, for example, you are a photo booth operator based on the west coast, but you get a request for your services in Miami. Instead of flying you and your equipment all the way across the county, or hiring staff and sending them, you can hire a subcontractor to work the event for you. This allows your brand to expand into new markets at a fraction of the cost it might normally be. Pretty cool, huh?

The Benefits of Hiring a White Label Subcontractor

Hiring a white label subcontractor offers small businesses like photo booth owners a whole host of benefits.

  • It is a quick and easy way to add new services to your brand. Hiring a subcontractor who has expertise in an area you may not be as proficient allows you to offer impressive and sought-after services to customers you weren’t able to offer previously.
  • It keeps your customers happy. If you can hire an expert in an area you aren’t proficient in yet, you offer clients services they want now – and which you might not have been able to provide for some time.
  • Similarly, white labelling allows you to focus on what you are great at – meaning you can grow your business by focusing on what you do best while capitalizing on the skills of others to assist.
  • The biggest benefit is that it saves you money. As we already discussed, opening in new markets can be tricky – especially if they are across the country, or their distance makes them cost-prohibitive.

Things to Consider Before You Hire a Subcontractor

Sure, hiring a subcontractor sounds like the answer to your photo booth prayers – and it just might be. After all, you simply hire someone to do the work for you and then pay them a simple percentage. There are, however, certain things

white label ideas

 you need to consider before hiring a white label subcontractor. These include taking the time to review their previous work and making sure they are the right fit for your brand, as well as carefully reviewing and checking their references. When deciding on a subcontractor, treat them as you would if you were hiring any other employees – make sure to conduct due-diligence and protect yo

ur business.

The biggest thing you need to consider is non-disclosure. You want your customers thinking you are responsible for their event, not a freelancer. A non-disclosure agreement is essential to ensure your brand is represented as you intend it to be, and that your photo booth practices and policies remain yours.

Now that you know how white labeling can help boost your photo booth business, check out some of our other photo booth blogs at LA Photo Party or visit our Pro Tips YouTube Page.




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