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Vinyl wrapping is a great way to brand your photo booth and promote your business at your next trade show, corporate party or event.  First impressions are the secret to advertisements that stick in people’s minds. The major perk vinyl wraps is that they offer photo booth owners and operators an easy upsell. Vinyl wraps allow you to deliver an ultra-premium, fully-customizable service that your competitors simply can’t match!


Maybe you’re working with a company who wants their logo everywhere – and we do mean everywhere. Simply use one of LAPP’s templates to create a vinyl wrap design, then hire an outside company to print and apply your wrap to your Venture or INFINITE. The great thing about vinyl wraps is that they are so easy, you can even apply them yourself.

Why Vinyl Wrap?

Seems like a lot for one event?  When you look at the benefits, however, using wraps becomes a no-brainer. What separates the INFINITE and Venture from other photo booths, is that they offer a ton of extra real estate. This extra space gives you the opportunity to deck them out with custom vinyl wraps.

Brightly colored, attractive vinyl wraps can make your company photo booths stand out from the crowd. Peoples’ eyes naturally gravitate towards bright and vibrant colors. This is particularly valuable when people are pausing for a moment-or-two to take pictures.


Say, for example, your client is throwing a super-awesome comic book event. The extra space available on both the Infinite and Venture booths allows you the chance to create a custom Star Wars vinyl wrap – so your photo booth looks right at home with all those droids, Wookiees, ATATs, or whoever (or whatever) else is there!

Or, perhaps you’re taking your photo booth to a wedding. Since it’s a wedding, you may want everything to be in white.

vinyl wraps for photo booths

Designing The Vinyl Wrap

Before you create a vinyl wrap design, you must start with a solid template. There are plenty of solid-looking wrap templates available online from vehicle wrap designers. Or, failing that, you can get an amazing custom vinyl wrap from us.

Once you have the template, now you need to find some inspiration. From photos to corporate logos, anything is possible when it comes to wraps. It’s best to keep it simple. After all, If someone has to stare at your vinyl wrap for a long time just to figure out what it’s trying to get across or what brand it’s promoting, then you’ve failed.

Again, you should identify and promote one to two primary takeaways that you’re hoping to leave with the potential customer. That’s it!

Ideally, your client will provide an idea of what they are looking for, but if not, you can come to their rescue by asking some questions and give them some tips. Some of the key things to ask for include any:

  • Brand style guides
  • Corporate logos
  • Event themes
  • Floor plan designs
  • Other brand guidelines
  • Corporate or event websites
  • Commercials
  • Past event photos if it’s a yearly event

For weddings, ask them for:

  • Wedding invitations
  • Flower arrangement design and colors
  • Pictures of the venue
  • Color palettes
  • Pinterest mood boards

Less is More

No matter if you’re wrapping the entire body or just placing a decal on the back side of the booth, you want to strike a nice balance between creativity and clarity. Not every face of the booth needs to have the logo and slogan on it. In fact, use them sparingly so that they stand out when seen. Find patterns, images, and colors that showcase the company or event’s vibe. If you inundate your guests with calls-to-action (CTAs), slogans, images, and colors your booth will look cluttered instead of inviting. The best part about LAPP’s vinyl wrap service is that you can preview your design using our template preview – so you can see exactly what your photo booth will look like ahead of time!


Applying a Vinyl Wrap

Attempting to apply a vinyl wrap may seem like a daunting undertaking. This, however, simply isn’t the case. All you need is your custom vinyl wrap, a water bottle, and a felt-wrapped squeegee. Heck, you don’t even really need the squeegee – a credit card wrapped in a soft rag or cloth should do the trick. Just mist the booth surface lightly and then delicately place your wrap on top. Then, simply squeegee the excess liquid – and presto – you’re all set! Need more help? Check out LA Photo Party’s Venture vinyl wrap support page.

LA Photo Party has all the products and services you could ever need to create an incredible photo booth business. If success is the route you’re trying to go down, we’ve got the know-how to guide the way! For your next corporate party or event check out our Venture and INFINITE photo booths, both of which can be branded with vinyl wraps, today! And if you need more pro tips, make sure you are subscribed to LA Photo Party’s YouTube Channel.



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