LAPP Pro Tips: Venture Maintenance and Back Ups

If you are looking for a kick-ass photo booth, look no further than the Venture! It was designed entirely in-house by our experienced team of entertainment experts and mechanical engineers and has everything you could ever want in a photo booth.

Lighting is everything when it comes to photos. Like the Infinite (the first photo booth of its kind to combine adjustable interior lights and a sleek magnetic bounce card), the Venture features bounce card lightingperfect green screen keying and flattering photos. It also has an adjustable ring lighting for its infinite LEDs and handy 10.1” touchscreen interface, making the Venture a photo booth operator’s dream come true!

But we’re not here to merely gush over how great the Venture is (if you own one, you’ll probably be doing enough of that for both of us) – we’re here to explain how to maintain it.

Maintaining the Venture

Unlike other photo booths, the Venture not only opens up – it opens up with style! Just pull down the Venture’s elegant sides and voila – you’re in! What’s so great about the Venture is that our in-house team made it easy to use and maintain. Its ease of use, lightweight frame, and access make it simple for one person to operate and maintain.

Murphy’s Law” states that “if something can go wrong, it probably will.” And when it does, it probably will at the absolute worst time. While we never want anyone to have issues with any of our productsafter all, they’re expertly crafted and built to last if something goes wrong, and Murphy strikes, with the Venture you’re in good hands.

In the unlikely event of a camera glitch, or if something else unexpected happens, the Venture allows you to simply open it up for on-site repairs, rather than having to send the entire unit back to us for maintenance. That means that you have less downtimeand more profit!

The Venture’s easy access means you can open it up before your next event to ensure that everything is working as it should. Even better, LA Photo Party offers Venture backup kits, meaning you’ll always have access to backup parts when you need them. 

The backup kit comes with everything you could ever need to repair any issues with the Venture. This includes a backup touchscreen monitor, a cable snake, and a replacement computer (complete with a full version of Photo Booth Upload). You even have a choice in computer processor – the standard back up kit comes with the Intel I5-7500 processor (3.4 GHz), while the upgraded computer boasts an impressive Intel I7-7700 processor (3.8 GHz).

That said, however, before you go ahead and make any major repairs to your booth, make sure you talk to our amazing technical team – just so you don’t do something you might later regret! If you need any more assistance with a Venture photo booth, LA Photo Party offers Los Angeles-based technical support for all of our products. Our technical support staff is made up of industry experts and are considered to have the most comprehensive knowledge there is in the world of photo booths!

Now that you know all about maintaining your Venture, check out some of our other products and party planning service at LA Photo Party to take your business to the next level!

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