infinite possibilities.

The Infinite is built to power the latest in photo booth technology. Everything from the three camera system, bounce card lighting, LED trim, and more have been crafted to give owners a long lasting booth that is brandable, customizable, and able to grow with the ever-evolving industry.




This booth is the first to combine adjustable interior lights with a sleek magnetic bounce card to create even, soft lighting; perfect for flattering photos and green screen keying.


Each unit comes with a mount for a DSLR. slow motion camera, and webcam. These are easily adjusted from the front and back of the booth.


The responsive LED lights are a unique feature that react to booth functions, change color, and provide an additional light source.


The 15.6″ touchscreen allows you to navigate and interact with our software on the high definition display.


The rear touchscreen is capable of playing promo videos and doubles as a live slideshow and social media kiosk


The booth was designed with smooth aluminum surfaces ideal for vinyl wrapping and other branding.


The booth, pole, and base assemble easily and fit compactly in any car for safe transport.


The front and rear doors are bottom hinged to allow for quick and seamless access to all components.




From Slow Motion Video to a clients logo you can load an unlimited number of custom backgrounds and let the guest select their own environment! And with our “Smart Placement Technology,” every photo is picture perfect.


Create multi-frame photo animations with green screen backgrounds, custom logos, and instant uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and Print.


Using the INFINITE and our custom light painting tools, guests can draw in mid-air with light and see their creation come to life in real time. Our light painting artists help with fun ideas. The final product is branded and can be printed and uploaded instantly to social media.


Record 5 second video clips of your guests dancing, jumping, throwing confetti,and shooting off streamers then instantly transforms them into ultra slow-motion videos, easily uploaded onsite to social media.


Transform your guests into another guest, celebrity image, or cartoon and instantly upload your animation to social media.


The INFINITE integrates with Photo Party Upload to allow instant uploading to Email, Text, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from the booth’s touchscreen and/or wirelessly from a tablet.


All basic software updates and upgrades are included with Photo Booth Upload!


You can purchase our Virtual Reality feature as a premium add-on to your software and bring 3D 360 degree photos to your next event!


see it in action.

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Kevin Fraggi
Kevin Fraggi
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This place is amazing. Such nice, knowledgeable staff. I highly suggest renting or buying a photo booth from this company. High quality stuff. Wow!
Alexander Stowell
Alexander Stowell
A fantastic company!
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I bought the Infinite and these guys have been more supportive than I could of hoped for in the wildest of dreams! Aside from the machine being out of this world awesome, they invited me to their facility, and we did a three hour tutorial in person, followed by a series of calls, and emails, all initiated at their behest. They really take pride in their brand and it shows. I would recommend to anyone and will be doing more business here in the future. Thank you LAPP!
Tim Frankish
Tim Frankish
Great products!!!!
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LOVE working with this company!!! Great products!!!!

frequently asked questions.


1. (Us) 3 Camera System vs. (Them) 1 DSLR.
Similar to a restaurant having more menu options, our booth has more features such as light painting, slow motion video, and boomerang GIF and more – all at the same event.
2. (Us) Actual Computer inside (Them) Tablet.
What this means is that we have the processing power to do things like Slow Motion Video/ Green Screen Video/ 50 frame Gifs/ Virtual Reality INSTANTLY. Our computer is a true desktop i7 that we build in house to be rock solid and super fast. It’s the single most important piece of hardware in a photo booth. Would you put a Kia engine in a Ferrari? Don’t get locked into a booth with a specific tablet size that will change next generation?
3. (Us) Innovation
We are known for being leaders in photo booth technology and innovation. We develop our software in house and have been first to market with new trends such as instant slow motion video, slow motion green screen, screenless background removal. We were even the first company to release a virtual reality photo booth feature. VR PROMO VIDEO. By owning one of our photo booths, you get these updates as they are pushed live allowing you to charge more for new features before your competitors.
4. Support/ Education:
Our owner always says, “Our success is linked to your success.” This means we want to support you and offer you high quality photo booth education FOR FREE! We offer Los Angeles, based tech support by phone, email, and Facebook, including weekend support as well as a marketing package that comes with your booth. INFINITE MARKETING LINK. We also do regular webinars where we share all of our industry experience. Webinar

To talk to a sales rep and have your questions answered call 323-473-4893. To place an order visit the “Shop” section of the website.
To apply for Financing.

Delivery time is based off demand for our products and your location. Our estimated shipping time is one week after purchase. This may vary in peak times of the year. Once shipped the booth takes 3-5 business days domestically and will require a signature upon delivery. Rush delivery is available for an additional fee.

Yes, please call for your international quote 323-473-4893 or email [email protected] 

We take all major credit card companies including: Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Discovery. A 3% non-cash fee will be added to order for all charges. To avoid these fees you may pay by bank transfer, check, or wire. Please call 323-473-4893 or email [email protected] for help finalizing your payment.

Yes, sales tax is charged for those purchasing from California and New York. Standard sales tax rates apply. Sales tax is not applied from any other state or internationally.

Yes, Please call 323-473-4893 or email [email protected] for help with multiple booths.

Our booth can work with any printer that you can get current Windows 10 drivers for. Our Photo booth software can print photo strips, flipbooks, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, and many other. You can even print panoramics from your Virtual Reality photos. It can also print from any activation including: stills or flip books from videos, GIFs, morphs, etc.

We can make printer recommendations and even provide turn-key printer included setups.

Everyone that purchases a booth will receive a free 1 hour one-on-one training session. This session is administrated by our Tech Support Team. The booth also comes with a library of tutorials, FAQ’S, Videos, discussion topics, and a Facebook user group where owners help each other out.

Yes, our Los Angeles based tech support team is considered to be the most comprehensive support in the industry.
10am – 5pm PST Mon – Fri
2pm -6pm PST Sat & Sun

Our booth will work with any Canon DSLR camera that fits dimensionally in the booth. We primarily use the Canon T5i. Let your sales rep know what camera you are planning on using so that we can have your booth wired for you and you can plug and play. We only provide dummy batteries for T5i.

No it does not. Our booth can be setup to run on its own with the guest taking their own photo using a count down or our smile-to-trigger facial recognition feature. Some of the more advanced features like Virtual reality would require an attendant.

LA Photo Party guarantees the manufacturer’s warranty on all major equipment for The Photo Party Station.

The following warranties go into effect immediately upon the date of purchase.

Canon DSLR Camera: 9 Months Warranty
Replacement: LA Photo Party will ship a used Canon Camera to the client and cover ground shipping costs. The client is responsible for returning the camera to LA Photo Party and covering any return shipment costs for the damaged Camera. LA Photo Party will help complete Canon RMA forms.

Shuttle Computer: 2.5 Year Warranty – *Does not include screen scratches or any physical damage caused by user.
Replacement: The client must send the serial number, located on the back of the Shuttle Computer, to our office. LA Photo Party will help with all RMA forms. Shuttle Computers will provide a shipping label so the client may ship the damaged computer directly to the manufacturers. Shuttle will deliver their replacement computer within 7-10 business days.

Mimo Monitor (front monitor): 2 Year Warranty

Rear Tablet – Dell Venue Pro: 2 Week Warranty

Point Grey Slow Motion Camera: 1 Year Warranty

Logitech Webcam: 1 Year Warranty

Neweer C250 Light: 120 Day Warranty

Neweer C250 Light Battery Eliminators: 1 year limited warranty. Terms and Conditions apply

Lenovo Keyboard/Mouse: 1 Year Warranty
Replacement: In the event of any damages, LA Photo Party agrees to ship a new Lenovo Keyboard/Mouse at our expense. The client is responsible for shipping their damaged Keyboard/Mouse to our office at their own expense.

General Rule for Replacement: LA Photo Party accommodates a standard 3-5 day for shipping to any client. All clients are responsible for covering return shipment costs. If the client needs expedited shipping, the client is responsible for covering all costs beyond the standard shipping rate accommodated by LA Photo Party.

International shipping: All international shipping TO and FROM Photo Party Upload to be paid by client in both directions.

If any items arrive damaged please do not use the item at all as we have to show that the damage occurred during shipping. If the item shows signs of use then the shipper may not cover the item by their insurance and the warranty will be void. Please contact LA Photo Party immediately if an item arrives damaged by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 310-817-0998. You have 48 hours after receiving your shipment to inform us it was damaged during shipping, beyond this time we can not accept the item for replacement.

Workmanship is covered for 2 months after receiving your INFINITE. User caused error defined as any use beyond normal event use including but not limited to bending parts, dropping parts, scraping parts, etc. is not covered by the warranty.

Our booth comes with an comprehensive marketing package. Please note that this is not a franchise opportunity. We also do not supply samples of the features for our customers. The reason being that you could have multiple companies pitching a job with the same materials.

We use our own software called Photo Booth Upload (PBU). Generally considered the best photo booth software for pros. This is the software that takes all the the photos, videos, gifs, morphs, etc. Our uploading software, Photo Party Upload (PPU), is also installed.

Photo Party Upload – The Event Photography App – is an iPad and Windows device based solution for event photographers and the marketing industry. The first of its kind, Photo Party Upload allows event photographers to wirelessly transfer photos from their camera to their iPad or Windows device. Guests can then upload their photos from their device to email, text, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Photo Party Upload also allows for data capture, Facebook “Likes”, uploads to Facebook fan pages, surveys, and more.

All sharing softwares charge for their service. Our software is a pay per use setup Vs. purchasing and paying an ongoing fee. This means that there are no costs to put it on as many iPads and/or Windows tablets as you want and best of all, you only pay when you use it. These fees can be passed onto your end client as social media costs. The branding opportunities and features are well worth it.

Our PPU fees directly pay for the 7 day a week tech support for your booth and free updates for life.

Photo Booth Upload (PBU) is the booth software, which takes your pictures, videos, gifs, morphs..etc.

Photo Party Upload (PPU) is the Sharing software, which can be sent to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text, email and print.

More explanation here.

Our photo booth software arrives with a bunch of default graphics for you to start playing with. While we suggest every company add a talented graphic designer to there team, If you need specific graphics moving forward, we can help. We have a full time graphic design team that can help you with any of your needs. Please call or email [email protected] for pricing.

All products are final sale.

Yes. Our software comes with a variety of default filters similar to Instagram and you can even make your own filters. If you want to get even more advanced you can setup Photoshop actions in order to achieve any custom look that your client asks for.

No. There has been a history of photo booth companies being the only ones you can get media from so they make money off you for the life of the booth. We do not sell paper and ink as a business. We can recommend a partner companies that sells paper and ink. Or you can also get it through us if it makes it easier to deliver everything at once.

Our INFINITE booth is proudly manufactured locally in California and assembled at our company headquarters in Glendale, CA. The Underwater Photo Booth is made in Oregon by a company that specializes in underwater housing for scientific studies.

The booth is made out of an Aluminum alloy, with an acrylic plastic LED border. That and good ol’ American gumption.

Height without Bounce Card: 64.5 in | 1638 mm | 164 cm
Height with Bounce Card: 74.5 in | 1892 mm | 189 cm
Head Width: 18.75 in | 476 mm | 48 cm
Head Depth: 9.5 in | 241 mm | 24 cm
Head Height: 22 in | 559 mm | 56 cm
Base Width: 21.5 in | 546 mm | 55 cm
Base Depth: 21.5 in | 546 mm | 55 cm

Head Weight: 50 lbs | 23 kg | 3.5 Stone
Base Weight: 20 lbs | 9 kg | 1.5 Stone
Total Weight: 70 lbs | 32 kg | 5 Stone

No Case
Head: 29″x 29″ x 18″ | 70 lbs
Base: 25″ x 25″ x 16″ | 40 lbs

Soft Case Shipping

Head: 29″x 29″ x 18″ | 70 lbs
Base: 25″ x 25″ x 16″ | 40 lbs

Hard Case Shipping
Head: 33″ x 25″ x 22″ | 90 lbs
Base: 29″ x 29″ x 18″ | 60 lbs

The soft cases only weigh a few pounds each. The hard cases weigh the following:
Head Case: 40 lbs empty; 85-90 lbs full
Base Case: 30 lbs empty; 60 lbs full “

For all still photography no additional lighting is necessary to take an amazing picture. The two flashes shooting up into the bounce card is all that is needed.

For videos you will need constant lighting. This means a light that is continuously on not a flash. For this we recommend specific lights in our shop and they can be placed on either side of the photo booth. Also the bounce card comes off and a constant light can be placed on top of the booth via the baby pin that comes with the booth.

Thank you for your purchase

Access your download either by the checking email you used during checkout or by accessing the Downloads section of the “My Account” page.


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