The Ultimate Guide to Taking a Fire Selfie in a Photo Booth

guide to taking a fire selfie in a photo booth

Let’s do a thought experiment – you’re at the perfect party. The people are interesting, the drinks are flowing, the music is on point, your hair is just right, and they have a photo booth. You decide to take the selfie to end all selfies, the selfie that’ll rival these gems, so you pop in the photo booth and…nothing. You can’t find the right angle. You can’t pick the right background. Something just isn’t adding up. See, unlike cell phone selfies, you only have limited control over the angle, environment, and lighting in photo booths.

Sounds like you could use a guide to taking a fire selfie in a photo booth.

You’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. Keep reading to learn industry insider tips and tricks to make your selfie stand out from the crowd. Your skyrocketing Instagram follower count will thank you.

Learn Your Angles & Use Them

Many guys default to a brooding, simmering look in their selfies. Many women default to a combination between duckface and real smile. The result of both? A selfie where you’re not showing off your best angles.

There are a thousand and one ways to take any picture, but those that really stand out have one thing in common – the person being photographed knows how to work the camera. This means learning which side is their good side and how to angle their face.

For example, did you know pointing your chin just a bit down will almost always make you look better in pictures? You can thank physics for this one. Having your face slightly angled towards your good side, tilting your chin down, and pushing your neck just a tiny bit forward allows light to catch your cheeks in all new ways. It also helps you appear more symmetrical, which translates to a fire selfie in any photo booth.    

Get Creative with Your Background

This tip isn’t so much about highlighting your good side as about making use of your surroundings. When it comes to photo booths, your surroundings are pretty much endless.

With the widespread adoption of VR-based tech, photo booths can do a lot more today than in your parent’s days. We’re talking about selfies in immersive, virtual backgrounds. We’re talking about turning your selfie into an animated GIF. We’re talking about having yourself morph into a superhero. Your photo booth selfie options are only limited by your creativity!

So, let’s get creative.

What filters are you using? We’re not talking about dog ears or Harry Potter glasses. We’re talking about black and white softening filters, high contracts filters, and even cartoonizing filters if you really want that Snapchat aesthetic, but in a little more luxurious form.

Picking a filter that matches your clothes and balances the lighting you’re using is key to polishing off a high-qualityy selfie. Oh and make sure it matches your personal taste, of course!

Smile (You’re on Camera)

This trick for taking a great selfie in a photo booth goes back to our first one. You want to make yourself as glowing as possible and, contrary to popular opinion, this doesn’t mean giving your most sultry gaze.

Okay, sometimes it does mean that! But most of the time you’re going to want to drop the alluring eyes and opt for a tried and true smile instead. Seriously. Did you know smiling makes you more attractive? Depending on the mood you’re going for – like if you’re taking a group selfie with friends – you can even take this one step further and break out the goofy smiles and poses. The natural feeling will translate into your selfie.

So, the next time you’re deciding between whether to smile or not, just go for it. Trust us.

Dress for Success

Remember the old saying, “don’t dress for the job you have – dress for the job you want?” Well the same goes for taking fire selfies in photo booths. Don’t dress for the selfie you normally take – dress for the selfie you want to take.

dress for selfie success

This means don’t be dressed to the nines and take a photo in a casual VR environment like the beach. That just looks silly and silly is most definitely NOT what you want in most selfies. It also means don’t be underdressed if you’re in a group selfie with people in suits and dresses. Match your style to the party or event and you’ll be set up for selfie success.

Take 100 Selfies & Pick Your Best One

This trick for taking great selfies in a photo booth isn’t really an industry insider secret at all. When was the last time you took just one photo? What kind of madness is that? We live in a world where you can take as many pictures as you want and pick the one that best captures the mood you want in your selfie. Translate that to photo booths and you’re set.  

Bonus Tip: Hold Your Breath ‘Cause We’re Going Underwater

Know the only thing better than taking a great selfie in a photo booth? Taking a great selfie in an underwater photo booth. There isn’t much more to say than that, right? What more can you do to make your selfie stand out? Absolutely nothing.

Want a tip or two on how to mix fire and water? You’re in luck! Make sure to exhale all of the air out of your lungs before taking the plunge. Not only will this keep bubbles from popping out of your nose, but it will also let you stay underwater longer. You can thank science for this tip!

Now that you’ve read out guide to taking fire selfies in a photo booth, it’s time for you to get out there and start taking the best damn selfies anyone has ever seen! Don’t forget to check out our blog for all kinds of content about photography, photo booths, event planning, and more!


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