Head Unit
Selected Face Plate
Pole Joints
4-Hour Battery
Power Cable
Travel Hard Case


Note: iPad not included.

Assembled Explorer
Height: 65.25″
Weight: 24 lbs


Explorer Roamer
Weight: 7lbs


Explorer Hard Case
Weight: 28lbs
Weight with Booth: 52lbs


Booth Head with U-Mount
Heighth: 17.5″
Width: 17″
Depth: 2″


Booth Head without U-Mount
Heighth: 16″
Width: 16″
Depth: 2″

The Explorer includes a head unit with your selected face plate (for 11" or 12.9" iPad), 2 poles, 2 pole joints, 2 base pieces, battery, power cables, and a travel hard case, The Explorer does not include an iPad. Specifications:
Weight of Booth (Fully Assembled): 24lbs Weight of Head Unit with Roamer: 7lbs Weight of Hard Case: 28lbs Booth Head with u-Mount H: 17.5" W: 17" D: 2" Booth Head without u-Mount (for wall mounting) H: 16" W: 16" D: 2" Total height of booth assembled H: 65.25" Weight of booth assembled 25 LBS
The Roamer Add-On Package includes a back plate with handles, rechargeable travel battery, and shoulder harness

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