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Instagram Marketing Strategies for Your Photo Booth Rental Business

In today’s world, the role of social media in marketing cannot be understated. Social media has the ability to make or break any business. With such power comes great responsibility for brands to ensure their online presence does more to help than harm. If you are running your own photo booth rental business or considering […]

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Top Google Ads Tips for Photo Booth Owners

Paid advertising for photo booth operators can be tricky. After all, with so much competition, every potential lead counts. Google Ads is an excellent way for photo booth owners to successfully market their brand, by placing targeted ads for a price-per-click. Struggling with Google Ads? Here are some of our top Google Ads tips for […]

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LAPP Pro Tips – Everything You Need to Know About Creating GIFs

Everyone loves GIFs. The internet was probably invented just for sharing them. Whether you are the type of person who pronounces it gif or jif doesn’t really matter. You probably have seen them all over the internet. They’re in those Buzzfeed articles that keep you awake until the late hours of the night. From blogs […]

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LAPP Pro Tips White Labeling

Have an offer to host a big event out of town, but don’t think you can afford the costs to bring you and your photo booth all that distance? You may think you need a knight in white armor, but what you really need is a knight with a white label. Confused? Here’s L.A. Photo […]

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Increase Your Photo Booth Profits With These Simple Tips

The photo booth business is a creative and fun way to make money while being your own boss. But, like any business, it has its share of difficulties. With 12 years of experience in the business, we have put together this list of tips and tricks for maximizing profit in your photo booth business.   […]

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How To Market Your Photo Booth Business Like a Boss

Okay, so you’ve got your photo booth business set up and ready to go, now you need to get the word out. Easier said than done right? Here’s LA Photo Party’s guide to how to market your photo booth business like a boss. You Need an Attractive, Clean Website In today’s digital world, your website […]

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How to Start a Photo Booth Business

How to Start a Photo Booth Business

You’re a creative. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re not satisfied with the status quo. You like to push boundaries and redefine what success looks like. Congratulations, you’re our kind of person. Now it’s time to take your career to new levels. It’s time to branch out on your own and start a photo booth business! It’s […]

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The Virtual Booth GIF and Photo graphics are Now loaded into OUR Virtual Booth PAGE under “Halloween-2020-GIF” and “Halloween-2020-Photo”

All you need to do get started is build your Virtual Booth site.

Download the site assets below and click here to watch a setup tutorial.

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To purchase VR-Brush, contact Vivi at
323.473.4897 or [email protected]


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