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Ideas for event planners in the private and corporate market as well as case studies from our past events.

How to Choose an Event Venue

The Top Factors To Consider When Choosing An Event Venue

Your choice of venue is quite possibly the most important decision you’ll make when it comes throwing a great event. Yes, the cuisine matters, and so does the entertainment. But the venue, the venue sets the scene. It’s what gets people in the right mood and, ultimately, it is what will either make or break […]

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animated overlay gifs

7 Photo Booth Trends for 2019 Weddings

While you have probably already heard about photo booths at weddings, there are some pretty fascinating and exciting new trends emerging in the photo booth industry which may surprise you. From green screen animation to virtual reality special effects, basic pictures are only the starting point when it comes to photo booth options. Whether you’re […]

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corporate branding

Why Your Next Corporate Event Needs Branding

When customers imagine your company events in their minds, what do they think of? There will likely be certain colors, designs, and services that spring to mind, but what else? Personality. Aesthetic. Attitude. Your relationship to your prospects, customers, employees, and partners. All of these factors combine to create your event’s brand. Here’s our guide […]

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elevate your event with experiences

Tips & Tricks to Take Your Event To The Next Level With Experiences

Engagement’s the word when it comes to events. It’s not enough these days to just throw a fun, passive event. You have to get people up, out of their chairs and actually involved. It’s even coined a new term in the business world – “experiential marketing.” Here’s our guide to taking your event to the […]

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how marketers can use photography to sell experiences

How Marketers Can Use Photography to Sell Experiences

Do you want to know the secret to successful marketing? We’re talking about marketing that makes people wait in lines for hours to buy your product or try your service. We’re talking about Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola level marketing. We’re talking about the insider secrets that high-profile brands have used for decades to achieve unheard […]

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The Four Best Cities in America for Events

Let’s start with a disclaimer: this list was hard. There are so many cities that cater to so many different types of events that saying, “These are the best cities in America for events,” is close to impossible. Thankfully, we like flirting with the impossible here at LA Photo Party. We worked hard to put […]

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green screen step and repeats

How Remodista Used Green Screens to Shine a Spotlight on Women

We’ve all been there: you’ve checked off all the boxes on your end for a great event, are confident that everything will go off without a hitch, and realize at the last minute a crucial detail was somehow left off your planning list! This is exactly what happened at this year’s Women2Watch dinner, but with […]

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