Light Painting without A TENT!

Light Painting is a great service to offer for your photo booth business but it can often be a challenge for clients who don’t want to accommodate a large 10×10 black vinyl tent in the middle of their venue. Totally understandable! On top of that, those enclosures often turn into sweat lodges without any air circulation. Gross. And there are clients who want a large floor space beyond the 10×10 square space. The light painting tent that many of us have become accustomed to using is limiting.

Sooooo. why not ditch it? People assume using light painting in low lit spaces will sacrifice image quality… I mean, even we questioned this. But it turns out that Photo Booth Upload’s light painting settings can easily be adjusted to account for added light without losing quality. With a few quick adjustments to the DSLR’s ISO, aperture value, and the webcam’s live view, you’ll find the same results you’d get from your hermetically sealed black tent.

Now let’s not get crazy and promise our clients high quality light painting in an outdoor, open space in the middle of the day. You’ll still want to a find a space that covered and low lit, but it definitely gives your clients more opportunities to integrate your cool technology and for them to get premium entertainment at their event!

Watch our video above for more details!


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