Why Your Next Corporate Event Needs Branding

When people think of your company events, what do they think of? No doubt there are certain colors, fonts, and services that come to mind, but what else? Personality. Attitude. Aesthetic. Your relationship to your prospects, customers, partners, and employees. All of these factors work together to create your event’s brand. Here’s our guide to why your next corporate event needs branding.

Corporate Event Branding

You should always integrate your company’s brand into your corporate events. This could be as simple as the logo or as complicated as your full-blown corporate identity (i.e. company name, logo, product or positioning statement). Event branding emphasizes image. Companies that already have a strong brand can use branded events to solidify their image in potential customer’s minds. Lesser known brands can use events to introduce themselves.

One of the best companies in the history of business when it comes to branding is Apple. They exemplify the importance of consistency in branding both in digital and physical products, as well as during real-world events. Think of the iconic image of Steve Jobs announcing the iPhone in his black turtleneck in front of a giant Apple logo. The Apple brand lives across all of its products (as well as its software) and Jobs insisted that this brand extend also to the company’s events.

So, why does your next corporate event need to be branded?

branding for your next corporate event

Branded Events Increase Your Company’s Visibility

Holding an event for the launch of a new product or service is a good way to publicize what’s new with a brand. Real-world, physical events can generate a lot of buzz and create visibility in a way that digital launches simply can’t.

Another option is to organize an event aimed at a very restricted and exclusive audience. It’s the age-old “large audience broad scope vs. small audience narrow scope” debate. The answer is dependent on your product and company. If, for example, Rolls Royce were throwing a branded corporate event, it wouldn’t make sense for them to invite every Joe Briefcase in town. Their event should be specifically aimed at those in the tax bracket necessary to afford one of their cars.

Branded Events Generate Buy-In

Events are a great time and place to get to know your customers. They afford you the opportunity to engage customers in extended conversations about their needs, likes, and dislikes. Branded corporate events are also a very good way to get attendees involved in a common project and let them feel truly part of it. Face-to-face connections between you, your employees, and the guests at your event can consolidate buy-in and help people remember your brand.

This will generate buy-in from those involved and will have a tremendous impact on customer loyalty.

Branded Events Consolidate And Engage A Community Of Customers

Those attending your event will organically form an informal community with one another which will, in turn, help them engage and connect with your brand. Employees, customers, and prospective clients attending your event can become voluntary brand advocates and evangelists. You can accomplish this by adding photo booth areas with your brand’s message visible in products, banners, or other elements.

You should keep your company’s social media information and relevant hashtags visible so that people can easily share information about, and pictures of, your event, as well as engage with both the company and each other during and after the event.

If someone makes the decision to attend your event, you’re already halfway there. Offering people something enticing enough to get them to show up is the hardest part. People want to attend events that make them feel welcome and like they belong. When they do, they feel an unmistakable connection with your company: “These are my people. These are my issues. This is relevant to me, right now.”

Branded Events Can Help Your Bottom Line

Yes, properly branded company events will help your bottom line. They can help you get to the top of your customer’s mind and remember you before they make their next purchase. Branded events and meetings are one of the best ways to develop long-term relationships with customers and stakeholders. The benefits only develop from there.

Branded events can increase your company’s overall visibility as well as raise awareness about new and specific products and services. Further, they forge important connections with both customers and potential partners.


There you have it: our guide to why your next corporate event needs branding. If you need help with your next party or event, check out our branding services at LA Photo Party.


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